What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for YOU!

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for YOU!

Often Overlooked Necessities for Your Hospital Bag

Breastfeeding Friendly Clothing

Childbirth can be long and exhausting, and recovery tough. Having a few nursing-friendly tops and bras to make breastfeeding easier will be a godsend. It will also mean you don’t need to move around too much, tuck excess clothing, or risk covering your newborn’s face. A breastfeeding hoodie is also a great idea since hospitals can get cold! Look for nursing clothing with zips for easy access.

Warm Socks / Compression Socks

Warm socks will keep your feet cozy in the hospital. Compression socks are also essential to help with circulation and reduce swelling.

Maternity Ice Packs

Bring several maternity ice packs to help soothe and reduce swelling and discomfort after delivery. You can apply them repeatedly as needed.

Pain Killers

Over-the-counter painkillers, if permitted by your healthcare provider, can be crucial for managing postpartum pain and ensuring your comfort.

Moisturiser and Lip Balm

Hospital air can be very dry, so keeping your skin and lips moisturized is important. A good moisturizer and lip balm will make a big difference in your comfort.

Nursing Pads / Nipple Balm

 Nursing pads are essential for managing leakage during breastfeeding. Nipple balm can help soothe and protect sore nipples, making breastfeeding more comfortable.

Snacks & Plenty of Water

High-energy snacks and plenty of water will keep you fuelled and hydrated, especially if the hospital food isn’t to your liking or if you get hungry between meals.

Comfortable Underwear / Maternity Leggings

High-waisted and supportive underwear are suitable for postpartum recovery. SanaLove Maternity Leggings offer gentle support and unmatched comfort to new mothers but can be worn well beyond the fourth trimester. Maternity pads are necessary for managing postpartum bleeding.

Noise Cancelling Headphones or Ear Plugs Noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs can be very helpful for ensuring you get some rest by blocking out the hospital noise. They can also be useful for listening to calming music or audiobooks.

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